Techniques For Holding Flashlight While Shooting

flashlight and gun

When you are the user of gun for self-protection, you have to recognize the way of holding a flashlight while operating the gun. You have to ensure that you always bear the best flashlight.  If you are seriously concerned about the safety of you and your dear ones, you need to have a deliberate gun light and keep on practicing with that light on a regular basis. There are some flashlight holding techniques, which may be applied at the time of strategic shooting. However, the main factor is to detect the one, which is suitable for the size of your hand as well as your self-defense setting.  Practice the following popular processes of grasping any flashlight while utilizing a gun and consider what may be perfect for you.

Harris Technique

This technique was developed by Mike Harries during1970s.  A shooter, who is right-handed, needs to hold high flashlight in another hand in ice pick clutch.  This flashlight will help in striking downward with some strength. The left thumb of the shooter will deal with the pressure key at the tip of flashlight.  Then, left hand is to be brought under the revolver. It is to be ensured that rear portion of hands and wrists are kept together. Besides, shooter must place his flashlight below the shooting arm while presuming the position.

Chapman and Ayoob Techniques

This system was invented by Ray Chapman, who was the champion of foremost pistol contest in this world.  Later, renowned fire arms trainer Massad Ayoob led to the creation of the same hold.  These two holds are based on the similar rule of keeping up triangle of backup at the time of grasping any flashlight. Moreover, in such technique, grip flashlight system in sword-like clutch and pass the flashlight next to the pistol. The forefinger and thumb grasp the flashlight, while other fingers cover the shooting arm creating 2-handed shooting grip.

Rogers Technique

An ex- FBI firearms trainer, Bill Rogers initiates this technique of operating flashlight.  In this process, the handgun user grips the flashlight between the middle and index finger. Flashlight is to be brought up to the surface of the rifle, enclosing the two other fingers near the shooting arm. This practice is quite parallel to Chapman system, and it enables every shooter in sustaining the system of support. This method involves some amount of practice for learning to hold the flashlight amid the fingers. But, it is not a suitable choice for all those, who have small hands.

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Neck Index

Here, the point of light remains very close to your own cheek in order that there will be illumination where the eyes are staring. It also positions the light in such a way that it can be used as protective weapon.

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So, practice these techniques to use flashlights along with your gun.